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Truth Social is already going back on its word

The platform will apparently ban you if it doesn’t like your username.

donald trump website shut down

The latest social media experiment from former President Donald Trump might want to rethink its marketing copy. Truth Social, which markets itself as pro “free speech,” is already handing out bans to users.

Now, if it was banning users after posting things that go against its terms of service, fair play. No, this ban happened during sign-up, after web developer Matt Ortega got past the long waitlist.

The reason? Ortega tried to sign up with the username @DevinNunesCow. That’s a very similar username to a popular Twitter account that mocks someone very close to Truth Social, ex-Congressman Devin Nunes. He’s now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, the company that owns Truth Social.

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It looks like Truth Social is censoring its critics and those who dare to mock its leadership. Sounds a lot like cancel culture to me, which I thought was something the political Right in the US was against.

Is Truth Social doomed from the start? One of the longer sections of the terms of service deals with prohibiting some pretty specific sexual kinks. Is that so Apple doesn’t kick them out of the App Store?

The reality of any social media that has to abide by other companies’ app store policies, is that, well, they have to abide by those policies. It doesn’t matter who the owner of the social media platform is, rules are rules.

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The restrictions and bans that Truth Social puts on its own users do prove one thing. Free speech is enshrined in the Constitution, but legal precedent and Section 230 shows that right doesn’t apply to privately owned social media platforms.

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