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Truth Social is reportedly banning people for discussing January 6

Is this honestly that surprising?

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Truth Social is reportedly banning people. The reason? Discussing the January 6 hearings that are currently underway.

The social platform by Donald Trump and his cronies touts itself as a free speech platform. But it is clear that comes with a bold asterisk, as it seems to only apply to things they agree with.

For those not in the loop, a House select committee is currently wading through information and reports regarding the event. Additionally, evidence is being presented against Donald Trump for the time surrounding January 6.

Trump has already started his normal “Deny and deflect” song and dance. Trump went on a Truth Social rant recently to deny reports that he supported the idea of “hanging Mike Pence.”

Now, negative posts regarding Trump and January 6 on the “free speech platform” are being met with bans. But, let’s be real here, are we that surprised?

Truth Social bans negative status updates about Trump

Reports on Twitter are starting to pop up. Many users are saying they have been banned from the platform over posts supporting the January 6 committee.


Truth Social banning people for talking about January 6 is honestly not surprising. While it claims to be a free speech platform, it has a habit of banning and deleting posts that critique it or Donald Trump.

Trump finally using the platform is news in and of itself. It existed for months without a peep from him. But it seems he finally needed to use the platform to blow off some steam.

This is an ongoing report and we will continue to update it with more information.

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