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TweetDeck might turn into a Twitter Blue perk

Does this mean Twitter might actually start maintaining Tweetdeck?

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Image: Twitter

Fans of TweetDeck, Twitter’s alternative social management tool, might have to pony up for the privilege of using it in the future. That’s according to code found by Jane Manchun Wong, famed app-diver and finder of hidden features.

The code she found talks about “setting up your subscription” when accessing TweetDeck’s web app. That’s enough of a pointer on its own, but she didn’t stop there.

Code inside Twitter Blue’s feature list references TweetDeck as one of the paid perks. That could lock access to TweetDeck for millions of users, as Twitter Blue isn’t globally available.

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Twitter hasn’t really done much with TweetDeck since buying the app in 2011. The inclusion into Twitter Blue could mean Twitter is going to actively develop the tool.

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That means better, modern UI, possibly new features, and a real reason to subscribe to Twitter Blue. Sure, TweetDeck is free right now; making it better could take some market share back from other paid social media management tools.

Some questions remain though. TweetDeck is great for being able to tweet from multiple accounts. Will a Twitter Blue subscription be needed for every attached account?

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Will Twitter have a free version of TweetDeck without improvements? Just what is going on over at the social site since Jack’s departure? If you know, hit us up on Twitter.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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