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Google Messages’ satellite texting may cover over 150 countries 

Garmin’s infrastructure to the rescue?

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Google Messages could soon launch satellite-based texting.

Rumors regarding this new feature have been circling the web for a while, but more evidence has emerged proving the feature is indeed in the works. 

A string of code found within the latest version of the app indicates Google might be working with Garmin to bring emergency SOS via satellite to Android phones.


Google Messages satellite messaging could have an edge over Apple’s Emergency SOS 

Last week, Twitter, now X, user Neïl Rahmouni, discovered UI placeholders suggesting that satellite messaging support is coming to Google Messages. Rahmouni also found what looked like evidence of Garmin’s possible involvement in the service. 

And it makes sense. The fitness brand already has several satellite communication products, so it is logical for Google to partner up with a brand that is an expert in the subject and utilize the brand’s already established infrastructure, including emergency response centers for rescue coordination.

According to Garmin’s website, the company’s emergency SOS via satellite services is available in over 150 countries across all seven continents.

If Google Messages receives the same capability, it could provide the company an edge over Apple’s satellite communication service, which is currently available in a handful of countries. 

However, Rahmouni has advised against jumping to any conclusions. So be sure to take the news of the Garmin-Google partnership with a grain of salt. 

Anything can change until the satellite texting service actually kicks off on Google Messages.

Although Google has confirmed that satellite communication will be possible with Android 14, we still don’t know when and in which countries it will be available and which smartphones will support it.

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