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Push it to the limit: See how durable the iPhone 6 front display will be

The new iPhone 6 front glass panel is put to the ultimate stress test in this video.


Marques Brownlee  got his hands on some Apple gold: a straight-off-the-assembly-line iPhone 6 glass front panel – complete with a thin sheet of sapphire crystal.

There was speculation that only a larger version of the iPhone would get this improved display, but this video disproves these rumours.

What’s so great about sapphire crystal?

There are two things you need to know: this is a high-quality material and extremely durable. Apple already uses sapphire crystal on some components of the iPhone 5S – for example, on the camera lens, and the home button. Sapphire crystal doesn’t interfere with taking high-quality photos or reading your thumbprint.

Exactly how durable is it?

iphone being stabbed


iphone scratch test

Marques tests all the common tools of destruction. He scrapes and drags keys across the display, even busting out a knife. He doesn’t stop there. He even gives it a stress test to see how it bends.

The only damage he caused was getting fingerprints all over the glass. (Anything but fingerprints!)

Check out the full video:

H/T Business InsiderMarques Brownlee

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