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Sega is bringing back the iconic Game Gear in micro form

It’s so tiny!

game gear micro in different colors
Image: KnowTechie

Growing up, I never had a Game Boy, but what I did have was a Game Gear. You remember the Game Gear. It was the bulky portable from Sega that took like eight AA batteries to power. Now, Sega is bringing back the portable console in micro form.

Seriously, this thing is tiny. The Game Gear Micro will come in four colors (black, red, blue, and yellow) and each version comes with four games. If you want to splurge for the four-pack, then Sega will also include a miniaturized version of its Big Window magnifying glass attachment.

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Currently, it is only available for preorder in Japan for 4,980 yen, which equals about $50 USD. The four-pack is 27,255 yen ($250) but comes with the magnifying glass attachment. No word yet on a US release.

Here are the games that come with each Game Gear Micro

Depending on what color Game Gear you get, the games will vary. Here’s what each option includes:

Black Game Gear:

If you decide to go with the classic black colorway, you’ll get Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo 2, Out Run, and Royal Stone.

Red Game Gear:

With the red colorway, the games included are Revelations: The Demon Slayer, The GG Shinobi, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special, and Columns.

Blue Game Gear:

My personal favorite color, this one comes with Sonic Chaos, Sylvan Tale, Baku Baku Animal, and Gunstar Heroes.

Yellow Game Gear:

And finally, we come to the yellow colorway. This bright micro console comes with three Shining Force games (Ensei – Jashin no Kuni he, The Sword of Hajya Shining Force, and Final Conflict) and Nazopuyo Aruru no Ru.

game gear micro in hand

Image: KnowTechie

It’s a shame there’s no word on a US release, but hopefully, if the buzz is high enough, Sega will consider bringing these puppies over.

What do you think? Are you interested in this micro handheld from Sega? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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