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These funky Sengled Bluetooth bulbs will revive your boring parties

Choose from over 16 million colors through the accompanying Android and iOS app.

Image: Sengled

Like most people, you probably go through a painstaking process to make sure everything’s ready for guests attending your next party, from the food to the music to the layout of the room. But what about the lighting? That’s a crucial element of the setting, too, and one that can instantly change how the environment looks while fascinating guests.

Thanks to the availability of the bulbs in the Sengled Element collection, you can jazz up any room with Bluetooth lighting that fills the room with color — and more.

A bulb fitted with two speakers

The Element Color Plus is the newest offering from the brand, and it goes beyond lighting up the area with vibrant hues. Each bulb also has two JBL speakers inside it, allowing you to keep the tunes going strong at your next party without depending on a clunky sound system.

Screw the Element Color Plus into any light bulb socket to get the party started. It’s an excellent option if you live in a small place and don’t have room for something more extensive to play music.

The Bluetooth connectivity lets you choose a track from your phone or tablet, then stream it directly to the bulb for hassle-free fun.

Bulbs that respond to your needs

People who’ve tried the bulbs say they aren’t very bright, but they point out the handiness of the bulbs working with an integrated sleep timer. That means after a party’s over, you can depend on the Element Color Plus bulbs to drift off to sleep after guests leave, all while listening to tunes you love or even a podcast.


Image: Sengled

Similarly, you can use the Android or iOS app to turn the lights on or off without being in the immediate area, which could work well if you’re making last-second preparations for a surprise party, all while guiding a blindfolded guest of honor into the room.

The fact that the bulbs aren’t overly bright might work in your favor. It sometimes looks better to have the room dimly lit while guests mingle instead of making it excessively illuminated.

LED lights save money and energy

Since the Element Color Plus bulbs are LEDs, they’re energy-saving choices. Many renters and homeowners appreciate LED bulbs because they last 25 times longer than traditional varieties, making them particularly handy for the extended length of time between bulb changes.

Sengled’s Element Color Plus even have energy statistics that give you the scoop on how much power a bulb consumes and the amount of money you’ve avoided spending as a result.

Customize the room’s appearance with Sengled

The Element Color Plus offers 16 million colors and thousands of shades of white light, giving you no shortage of choices when choosing how to light up your room. Download the complementing app and use its brightness slider to customize how the room looks.

Let the light pulse to the music

Setting up the Element Color Plus requires buying a control hub to go with one or more bulbs. However, if you don’t want to do that, consider Sengled’s Solo Color Plus bulb instead. It works without that extra component and matches the lights to the rhythm of the music you play through the bulb’s speakers. Try it with any E26 light socket, such as one associated with a lamp.

Ready to buy?

Sengled’s bulbs aren’t as bright as other options, and people point out that the accompanying app isn’t as user-friendly as they’d like. However, they’re decent options if you want Bluetooth bulbs with speakers and are eager to get your house set up for a party.

You can get the Element Color Plus from retailers including Home Depot and Amazon for approximately $30 per bulb, and the Solo Color Plus is about $20 more. The Element Color Plus Starter Kit, which comes with the hub and two bulbs, retails for approximately $80.

These bulbs could help you transform a room without investing in expensive, bulky furniture. They make it easy to create mood lighting at your next fun evening with friends and hold your pals’ attention as the lights respond to your music.

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