SJCAM introduces the SJ360 Plus, a $149 360 degree panoramic camera

Image: GearBest

SJCAM has finally rolled out the new SJ360 Plus, which was unveiled at the Eletrolar Show 2017 in Brasil. The SJ360 Plus is a 1080P HD 360-degree panoramic camera. What this means is that this camera is intentionally designed to give wide scope with an unobstructed FOV in 360-degrees. Its competitors like XiaoMi Mi 360-degree panoramic camera, for example, is only 190-degree wide angle.

SJCAM SJ360 Plus Design

The SJ360 Plus is creative and aesthetically different than its predecessor. It offers a firm grip due to its rectangular shape. Moreover, it is easily maneuvered with one hand.

The front camera contains a 0.96-inch screen with a full HD optical glass fish-eye lens that outputs clean, crisp images with an accelerated visual recording. It mounts dual ultra wide angle lens to support larger captures so that you do not miss out anything of extreme importance.

The two lenses are so powerful that you can record spectacular views without a visual loss or video splicing.

Special features:

Here's a glimpse of some of the specifications

Although the pricing information is yet to be revealed for SJCAM SJ360 Plus, GearBest has an exclusive right to sell only 5 pieces of this stunning camera at $149.