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According to the government, Snap is planning the resurrection of Spectacles


Snapchat Spectacles
Image: Snap

Here we go again.

Snap is looking to get back into the wearable camera game with a new version of Spectacles. Originally reported by Variety, the FCC recently published a filing by Snap for a “wearable video camera.” Just a month before this, rumors were floating around that the company would be releasing two separate versions of the Spectacles.

The FCC filing doesn’t really explain much, other than it being a “wearable video camera.” However, it does have some technical aspects of the new device like improved 5GHz Wi-Fi band support. This just means you’ll be able to upload your recently captured content to the Snapchat app faster.

The filing does hint at a new design though. The main takeaway is the FCC ID label being put inside the Snapchat app as opposed to the original Spectacles having them on the frame of the glasses. Cheddar previously reported that the newer pair of Spectacles would feature an aluminum frame and two video cameras versus vs the first generations one camera.

Again, nothing is set in stone here and not many details are out there regarding the Spectacle’s second coming. Hopefully, Snap doesn’t end up losing $40 million of unsold Spectacles like they did with their first venture.

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