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Snapchat finally removed the ‘Speed Filter’ that was causing car accidents

The filter clocked how fast you were moving so you can share with your friends.

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Snap has decided to finally remove the Speed Filter from the Snapchat app. The filter lets users capture how fast they were moving at a particular time to share with friends, and some people have accused the social app of causing traffic accidents because of the filter.

According to a new report from NPR, the company has decided to ultimately remove the filter, after it had been in place for almost 8 years. However, a spokesperson for the company didn’t comment on the claims that the filter had caused traffic accidents. Instead, she said the filter was “barely used by Snapchatters,” and that is what caused the filter’s removal.

Many people don’t feel the same way. Michael Neff is a lawyer representing people with claims that the Snapchat filter caused injury or death to a loved one in a car accident. While Neff is happy to see the filter removed, he’s still working on the cases:

“While this will no doubt serve the safety of the motoring public moving forward, it does not remedy Snapchat’s choice to create and distribute the speed filter in the past. We look forward to our day in court and pursuing justice for those who suffered unnecessary losses.”

This seems like one of those instances where a company was too focused on whether or not they could do something that they never thought about whether they should do it. This Snapchat filter is very easily identifiable as potentially dangerous. It’s a good thing that the company has finally removed the filter, but it’s sad that it took car crashes and litigation to get the ball rolling.

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