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Snapchat has a new pair of Spectacles that bring AR into real life

Don’t open those wallets yet, they aren’t for sale.

snapchat spectacles augmented reality
Image: Snapchat

Snapchat released its first pair of sunglasses back in 2016, and since the company has had multiple versions come out. The Spectacles all been met with varying amounts of acclaim, but the company’s latest project looks to take creation to the next level.

Announced this week, the new glasses are pointed at creators and they are packed with tech that can bring AR into real life. The new Spectacles feature four microphones, two cameras, and two speakers and even have touch controls on the sides.

They also have something called dual 3D waveguide displays, which lets creators interact with AR elements that are shown through the glasses.

As mentioned, these Spectacles are meant for creators and Lens developers, and at this time will not be available to the general public. In line with that is the fact creators can use these new Spectacles directly with Snap’s Lens Studio.

One interesting thing that Engadget notes is that the new Spectacles only have a 30-minute battery life. Again, this positions the new glasses as more of a tool and less of a consumer gadget, but regardless, the technology behind them is awesome and a short battery life is to be expected.

If you are a creator that wants to put the Spectacles through the paces, you can request them on the new page for the Spectacles.

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