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Sprint has been hacked leaking an unknown amount of customer data to hackers

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Bad news for Sprint’s customers today, as a report from ZDNet says that an unspecified number of your accounts have been hacked.

The hackers got into Sprint accounts via Samsung’s “Add a line” website, underpinning the need for third-party sites to be more vigilant with their security measures.

An unknown number of Sprint accounts have been hacked

Sprint says that “No other information that could create a substantial risk of fraud or identity theft was acquired,” but that sounds hollow with the treasure trove of information that was leaked.

There was more than enough data for hackers to further social engineer the rest of the information needed to do things like SIM-swap to gain your two-factor authentication tokens, along with other information.

  • Sprint says the hacks occurred via Samsung‘s website
  • Information such as name, phone number, billing address, device type, subscriber ID, account number, account creation date, monthly recurring charges, upgrade eligibility, and add-on services were all potentially compromised
  • The letter from Sprint notifying about the breach doesn’t say when the hacks were first noticed, how far back they go or how many accounts might have been accessed or had details modified on

It’s getting to the point where you should assume anything you put on the internet will get hacked – if it hasn’t already.

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