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Surprise, surprise, Snapchat is releasing its own TikTok-like feature called Spotlight

Everybody wants a piece of the TikTok pie.

snapchat spotlight feature
Image: Snap

While Snapchat is usually the one being copied, it seems the company has finally decided to take a play from other social platforms’ playbook, with the release of Spotlight, a TikTok-like feature baked into the Snapchat app.

Spotlight takes many cues from TikTok, allowing creators to make 60-second videos that can be thrown into the Spotlight algorithm for others to view. Users would create a Snap as they normally would and when sending it, there will be a place for them to add it to Spotlight. When the feature releases, it will have its own tab that users can use to view Spotlights.

It makes sense that Snap would be looking to grab a piece of the TikTok market. Between TikTok currently being thrown around in US courts and Snap adding new music features recently, the writing was on the wall for a TikTok clone.

The company notes that it will use human moderation and algorithms to decide what videos users see and political posts and those filled with misinformation will not be shown. Also, interestingly, there will be no comments section.

Finally, it seems Snap is going all-in on this feature, as there will be a daily payout pool available to creators totaling $1 million dollars per day. Snap has stated that this will be available through at least the end of 2020. This pool is available to users of all sizes and is based on how viral a post goes on any given day. This should be a huge incentive for creators, as popular posts that have multi-day staying power have the potential to bring in some serious cash for creators.

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