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Tag Heuer wants your nostalgic dollars with this $2,150 Super Mario smartwatch

Guaranteed to take your coins, not dispense them

super mario smartwatch from tag heuer
Image: Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is coming for your wrist and your pocketbook with this $2,150 Super Mario-themed smartwatch. Yes, $2,150 for a watch running on Wear OS, essentially a Tag Heuer Connected with some Nintendo tweaks.

That’s a huge price tag for nostalgia, especially when you’re not getting one of Tag Heuer’s Swiss-made mechanical timepieces. I mean, you can buy 12 Samsung Watch 3’s for that price if you really wanted an Android-based smartwatch.

As for why you’d want this particular watch, it’s Nintendo festooned. The crown has the M-for-Mario logo from the character’s hat, along with custom Mario-themed watch faces, and the strap and watch feature red touches, so you never forget your love for the rotund plumber.

The fitness tracking system is also similarly Mario-themed, with iconic Mario animations appearing when you hit your fitness goals. If ever a smartwatch would make me exercise, this is the one. Other features include a 430 mAh battery, built-in GPS, and a heart rate monitor, making it one of the most expensive fitness trackers you could find, but hey, it’s your money.

Tag Heuer is reportedly only making 2,000 of the $2,150 Mario-themed smartwatches, so if Mario is really your thing, better get ready for the July 15 announcement. Tag Heuer has said it might bring the Mario themes to its other smartwatches in the future if you miss out.

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