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TCL’s new smart glasses create a 140-inch virtual screen you can watch anywhere

People are going to use this to watch porn, aren’t they?

tcl nxtwear-g smart glasses
Image: TCL

Ever since the early days of computing, companies have tried creating smart glasses to detach us from our desks. It seems that vision is getting closer, with TCL’s upcoming NXTWEAR G wearable display glasses. They’re not designed for augmented reality, but more as a substitution of reality with a virtual 140-inch screen projected into your eye line.

Yes, 140-inches. That’s massive, and it’s created by two 1080p OLED displays, which combine in your view to create a 16:9 aspect ratio screen. They’ve also got stereo speakers, and the ability to add prescription lenses if your eyesight isn’t 20/20. They’re also freaking cool.

I mean, just look at them in the promo video below. They’re straight out of ’90s cyberpunk movies, with wrap-around lenses hiding the screens from view, and a cable snaking from one arm down to the device powering them.

All you need for the TCL glasses is a device with USB-C to power them, whether that’s a smartphone or a computer. Neat.

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Sure, you have to deal with one wire, but you don’t have to have heavy battery packs on your face. That’s a win in our book. Seriously. Anyone who’s used any wireless VR headset knows the pain of carrying the batteries on your head.

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The promo video shows that the user can still see their surroundings, so we’re not sure if the displays are partially transparent, or if they’re not covering your entire field of view so you can still see the world. Maybe we’ll find out soon, as the TCL NXTWEAR G glasses are going on sale in Australia next month.

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