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All posts tagged "windows 10"

  • miami street racing game miami street racing game

    This new racing game from Microsoft is silly, but at least it’s free to play

    Not really sure why this game exists, tbh.

  • windows 10 update your phone windows 10 update your phone

    This new Microsoft Windows 10 feature will put ‘Your Phone’ on your desktop

    Trade one screen for another with this new Windows 10 feature.

  • pubg valve survey pubg valve survey

    Valve finally fixes their Steam Survey about operating systems and hardware usage

    Windows 10 back on top, Ryzen rises in popularity.

  • windows 10 getting new screenshot tool windows 10 getting new screenshot tool

    Windows 10 finally gets a screenshot tool that is actually useful

    They might be late to the game, but at least they're playing.

  • windows 10 spring update windows 10 spring update

    Some of the best features that rolled out with the Windows 10 Spring Update

    From security features to an updated Xbox game bar, this update covers a lot of ground.

  • windows 10 password windows 10 password

    The best way to recover your Windows 10 password and PIN from the Windows 10 lock screen

    Don't Panic. You aren't locked out.

  • windows 10 data collection windows 10 data collection

    Here’s what data Windows 10 collects from you

    You might not know it, but Windows 10 is secretly collecting data from you. Here's all the info they're gathering.

  • This simple little trick automatically locks your PC anytime you leave your desk

    Sure, Windows automatically locks your computer after a long time of inactivity, but where's the fun in that?

  • microsoft edge browser microsoft edge browser

    Here’s why Microsoft’s new Edge browser might be better than you think

    Dare we say that Microsoft's new Edge browser is actually really good? We'll give you 5 reasons why.

  • windows 10 battery windows 10 battery

    How to display battery percentage right in your Windows 10 taskbar

    In two simple steps, we'll show you how to show your battery percentage in the Windows 10 taskbar.

  • Windows 10 Gamer Windows 10 Gamer

    Want the best gaming experience with Windows 10? Here’s 7 tips to power up

    Need to get that gaming rig up to speed on your Windows 10 machine? Check out these 7 tips to get...

  • Windows 10 Windows 10

    Four simple tips to make your Windows 10 PC run faster

    Notice your Windows 10 machine slowing down? These 4 tips will make your Windows 10 computer run a whole lot faster.

  • windows 11 logo windows 11 logo

    Microsoft’s new Windows phones aren’t an iPhone killer — they’re a PC killer

    If you've never been a fan of WIndow's, be prepared, Microsoft has some big plans.

  • Windows 10 Windows 10

    Is Windows 10 worth the wait?

    If you're on the edge about updating to Windows 10, read this and see if this helps you out or not.

  • Microsoft wants to throw you money to buy a new Windows 10 machine

    No one likes to sell their old PC. It's too much work. That's why Microsoft wants to give you some money...

  • Don’t worry pirates, Windows 10 isn’t blocking your games

    Word on the street is that Windows 10 will disable your pirated games. You have a better chance of getting scurvy.

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