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Tesla is finally starting to use the camera above the rear-view mirror to monitor drivers during Autopilot

What took so long?

tesla model 3 steering wheel
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Days after Tesla announced it would move away from radar and pivot to camera systems for its Autopilot feature, the company is also now using the in-car camera to monitor drivers’ attentiveness.

Electrek was one of the first outlets to report on the new release notes from Tesla regarding the camera that sits about the rear-view mirror. Essentially, the camera will monitor a driver to make sure they are paying attention to the road. Previously, Tesla vehicles just monitored the steering wheel to make sure there was weight on it.

A user on Twitter also posted screenshots of their new Tesla delivery which shows the new camera prompt:

For those worried about data and the fact that a camera is constantly monitoring your car’s cabin, the system is completely self-contained and does not transmit data past the car itself. These cameras are not new, either, and have been in Tesla vehicles for years.

The company has been getting a lot of pressure from regulators regarding its self-driving system. Recently, Consumer Reports showed that you could still trick a Tesla into using its Full Self-Driving mode without having anyone in the driver’s seat.

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