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Tesla is working on a robot that humans can overpower when they inevitably revolt

The robot was revealed during the company’s AI Day.

tesla bot
Image: Tesla

It seems like Tesla is the latest company to get in on the robot action. Not content with just making cars that drive themselves, the company wants to make robots that handle tasks that are “unsafe, repetitive or boring.”

This information was revealed by Elon Musk during the company’s “AI Day” event that showed off some of the new things Tesla is working on.

Elon Musk waited until the end of the event to mention the Tesla Bot, a 5″8′, 125-pound humanoid robot. Musk sees a future where this bot handles physical work in a future where manual labor is “optional.”

tesla robot in black and white
Image: Tesla

The website doesn’t say much about the bot, just that Tesla is working on “the next generation of automation, including a general purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot.” It goes on to say that the company is looking for “mechanical, electrical, controls and software engineers.”

Honestly, I’m surprised it took Elon Musk this long to reveal a robot. This seems like the natural next step in the billionaire’s grand scheme after self-driving cars and trips to space.

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