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Tesla owners in Texas can now get car insurance based on how well they drive

The company will use its new “safety score” to calculate rates.

Tesla steering wheel
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Tesla is now offering car insurance in its home state of Texas, but the service is a bit different from the insurance that the company offers to California residents. This new insurance takes statistics based on your overall driving behaviors into consideration when calculating your monthly rate.

According to a report from Electrek, the company told shareholders about the service last week. The site confirmed that the service is now live for customers in Texas.

Tesla’s new insurance utilizes real-time driving behavior to help calculate insurance rates. The service uses an individual driver’s “safety score,” a metric that was introduced to full self-driving beta customers last month.

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A driver’s “safety score” is calculated using five different metrics that Tesla has come up with. Hard braking, aggressive turning, and unsafe following distance are all included in safety score calculations as well as forward-collision warnings and forced autopilot disengagement.

Tesla driver safety score
Image: KnowTechie

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Using all of these metrics, Tesla will calculate your insurance rate. It may be higher or lower than you can get anywhere else, depending on your driving behavior and it can fluctuate over time. Drive safer, pay less. Drive like a maniac, pay more.

For Tesla owners in Texas, you can sign up to receive a quote for the new insurance here. All drivers will start off with a standard “safety score” when they apply for coverage, and the price will be adjusted from there depending on your driving behavior.

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