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Tesla’s Autopilot miraculously prevents a crash after a drunk driver passed out at the wheel

Just call an Uber next time.

Tesla driver passed out in car
Image: @SavedTesla / Twitter

Tesla vehicle’s self-driving features are great for when you are attentive, but just want to let the car handle most of the heavy lifting. What the system isn’t intended for is getting drunk, hopping in your pricey electric vehicle, and passing out behind the wheel of your car.

But that is where we are at today after a driver in Norway passed out behind the wheel of their Tesla. Another car noticed the Tesla was driving a bit odd and when they pulled up beside the EV, they noticed the driver hunched over, their head dangling down.

You can check out the video of the Tesla driving below:

According to Norway police, the Tesla eventually stopped itself in a tunnel (not that safe, by the way) before authorities arrived on the scene. According to police, the 24-year-old driver denies driving the car, we can see from the footage above that he obviously was.

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This incident does shine a light on something that will continue to become more of a problem as automated driving systems become more widespread – incapacitated and inattentive drivers.

Tesla does remind drivers that even when using its automated and self-driving features that drivers must stay away, but that obviously hasn’t stopped people from doing all sorts of things in their self-driving Teslas.

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