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The experts at Trusy Social highlight the benefits of Instagram’s growth

Hundreds of Instagram growth strategies are marketed to users, but it is often difficult to determine what works and what doesn’t.

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Whether you’re a business, influencer, or public figure, you’re going to benefit from growing your engagement online. From partnering with big brands to raising your bottom line, having an audience online provides massive leverage.

Hundreds of Instagram growth strategies are marketed to users, but it is often difficult to determine what works and what doesn’t. Separating fact from fiction, Trusy review has revealed an effective growth strategy that will help you build and sustain a profitable Instagram following without trial and error.

As experts in their field, they are here to outline some simple and effective ways to grow your account. Since its inception, Trusy Social has serviced over 10,000 clients and worked with top influencers, brands, and businesses to leverage their social media presence to gain massive followings, generate new business leads, facilitate influencer/brand partnerships, and more.

What is Instagram Growth? 

Everyone measures ‘success’ and growth by different metrics. Many will measure Instagram growth in the number of new followers, likes, and comments under their posts, while others will take into account their hashtag performance or estimated social media reach.

When you invest in building your online presence and increasing your reach, you develop trust with your audience and generate sustainable revenue—the only growth metric that matters. With Instagram, you can sell products directly from the platform, provide better customer service, and establish brand awareness. Whether you’re an influencer, freelancer, or business, Trusy Social explains that there are a few simple things that most users overlook.


One of the best tools you have at your disposal as an Instagram creator is hashtags. Not only are they free to use, but they have the potential to connect you with your target demographic. The experts at Trusy Social explain that there is a sweet spot between popular and low engagement hashtags.

While you may want to intuitively use popular tags (exceeding over +1M), your content is far less likely to receive engagement. Ideally, you want to use relevant hashtags that have somewhere between 50K and 200K uses. This ensures two things: that your post will not get instantaneously lost and that it is a hashtag other people are actively seeking out. There are multiple free online ‘hashtag’ resources that can help you make the most sense for your account.

A Schedule

Instagram is a highly saturated platform, so it is vital to have a social media strategy in place to ensure you’re staying at the top of people’s feeds. Planning your posts not only makes consistent Instagram content achievable but much easier as well. Do your best to post several times a day—this can also include reposting other accounts’ content on your stories.

The professionals at Trusy Social explain that planning ahead can also help you stockpile content so that you don’t need to create new content every day. For example, if you take photographs around the office, taking headshots of your employees, ways they stay productive, etc., you can break this content up over the course of a month—there is no need to use it all at once!


Unlike traditional marketing methods such as print, billboards, or flyers, social media allows you to track, analyze, and adjust your strategy according to insights. The experts at Trusy Social explain that using analytics can give you insight into how many accounts you reached, what time of day/day of the week saw the highest engagement, and other demographics (age, sex, location).

These insights can help you gain a better understanding of who your audience is and what resonates with them. This empirical data provides you with a roadmap moving forward.

Diversify Your Content

Instagram is an extremely diverse platform. You can share everything from static photographs to video clips and products; there is no limit to what you can do creatively. From stories to reels, IGTV, IG Live, and regular, old-fashioned posts, the numbers of ways you are able to publish your content are endless.

When creating content for your target demographic, ask yourself: What type of content do I consume on a regular basis? What is it that appeals to me? Your goal as a creator is to create content for the minimum viable audience, not the maximum viable audience. Focus on pleasing your target demographic—your tribe, not everyone.


While it may seem antithetical to collaborate with other creators when you are trying to build your brand and audience, it can be extremely beneficial for organic growth. For example, if you are a mental health focused influencer, you may want to repost and share content from similar accounts; this can include quotes, tips, and lived experiences. You can also profile other creators or accounts to cross-promote on both channels—think Instagram Live! The benefit of this strategy is that it exposes your account to another account’s audience without too much effort. 

Follow Targeted Users

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other accounts that already pander to your target demographic. The professionals at Trusy Social claims that by finding these accounts, you will be able to view, like, comment, and engage with their followers. Not only is this an easy approach, but it is also extremely effective. If someone already likes content from an account similar to your own, they will likely also enjoy your content.

Still don’t know where to start? Trusy Social has brought a fresh and unique opportunity to brands, businesses and influencers who are looking for a reliable path to substantial account growth and the ability to monetize their brand presence, primarily through Instagram and TikTok. In addition, through Trusy’s Celebrity Partnership service, Trusy has partnered its clients with some of the largest influencers in the world including: Cardi B, Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul, Snoop Dogg and many more depending on the client’s specified industry and growth goals.

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