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The FCC really, really wants you to download its internet speed testing app

Go run the app, maybe it’ll get them to do something about the sorry state of broadband.

fcc speed test app
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The FCC has new leadership, and they’d really, really like you to download their internet speed testing app and run it. While the app has been around since 2013, it appears that the FCC wants to rethink its policies and to do that it needs all the accurate data on internet speeds it can get. You can get it on either Android or iOS, and running the app only takes a few minutes.

See, the current FCC coverage maps are inaccurate, partly because they have let internet service providers self-report speeds for years. That led to “exaggerated” coverage areas, which raised the ire of broadband access advocates.

“Expanding the base of consumers who use the FCC Speed Test app will enable us to provide improved coverage information to the public and add to the measurement tools we’re developing to show where broadband is truly available throughout the United States,” says FCC Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel.

In addition to running the mobile speed testing app (which you can limit to 100MB of mobile data a month so you don’t eat up your precious data allowances), the FCC also wants to you report if your speeds don’t match what the ISPs have been reporting.

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Head on over to the FCC form, enter your address, and if your paid-for speed doesn’t match your tested speeds, report it.

Hopefully, all of this new data will guide the FCC to better policies and force the internet companies to actually fix their infrastructure to supply the speeds we actually pay for, as well as expand high-speed internet access to more rural areas.

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