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T-Mobile is moving forward with its $60 a month 5G home internet service

The company has been testing the service in a pilot program since 2019.

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T-Mobile is finally pulling the trigger on its 5G home internet service initiative. The cell phone network giant announced today in a livestream that it will now be offering 5G home internet to up to 30 million homes.

The service, which has been in a pilot program since 2019, is $60 a month. This is $10 more than the service cost while still in the pilot program, but that’s it as far as costs. There are no equipment rental fees and users will not have to sign a contract for the service. This means that you can hop in and out of the company’s home internet service as much as you’d like.

The company has said that most users will experience download speeds of around 100 Mbps and that, at minimum, qualifying users will have 50 Mbps download speeds. While there isn’t a data cap associated with the service, the company said they may sometimes have to throttle speeds during higher internet traffic times. This might deter some users who need more reliable connectivity from using the service.

T-Mobile wants to bring high speed internet to rural areas

Pushing out this kind of 5G internet service is a very bold move from T-Mobile. Though the company has said that it feels confident in its network’s capabilities to handle the traffic, opening the service up to the public might just test how good the network is. The company has seen success with the home internet in its pilot program, but the public rollout will test the limits of the network’s capabilities.

While this probably won’t turn out to be a major competitor for more traditional internet services, T-Mobile is looking to bring high-speed internet to more rural areas. If it can bring reliable, consistent high-speed internet to these underserved areas across the country, this move could be a big win for the company.

You can learn more about T-Mobile’s home internet service here.

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