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The first full-size Amazon Fresh store with ‘Just Walk Out’ tech is about to open

The new tech lets you leave without having to checkout.

amazon go grcery store
Image: Amazon

A new Amazon Fresh store is opening this week, and it will be the first full-size store that features cashier-less checkout. The company’s “Just Walk Out” technology will be debuting at a new Bellevue, Washington grocery store on June 17.

Amazon Fresh is the company’s new design for a full-on grocery store with other Amazon benefits. The stores also double as package drop-off locations and have free same-day delivery for Prime members.

This will be the first of Amazon’s stores to have the “Just Walk Out” technology. This will let customers just walk out after they’ve done all of their shopping. Their accounts will be automatically charged through the Amazon app.

There are three different ways that shoppers can utilize the new technology. When you enter an Amazon Fresh store, you’ll either scan a QR code on your phone, scan your palm using Amazon One, or scan a debit or credit card linked to your Amazon account.

Once you’ve completed one of these steps, the store will track what you’ve picked up, and charge you once you’ve left. You never even have to talk to anyone.

Fortunately, the company is not abandoning more traditional checkout methods. The new Amazon Fresh store will still have checkout lines and cashiers if you prefer to go the more traditional route.

This is a cool, new technology. Amazon has been working towards more automation with things like Amazon One for years, and this seems like the perfect implementation.

Amazon Fresh stores began popping up last year, and there are now 13 stores across the United States. It’s unlikely that this number will stop there, either, so implementing “Just Walk Out” technology across all of the Amazon Fresh stores could make shopping much easier for everyone.

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