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The first major PS5 firmware update is now live – here’s what to know

The update contains a few new features, including expandable storage.

Playstation 5 ps5 consoles
Image: Sony

The first major PlayStation 5 firmware update is now available for download. We initially announced the update yesterday, and it comes with some pretty significant features. PS5 users will be happy to hear that the limited storage capacity of the console has been addressed.

The most notable addition that users will see with this update is the unlocking of expandable storage via USB and an external hard drive. While it should be noted that PS5 games can’t actually be played from an external hard drive, this expansion allows gamers to store more games conveniently, making it easier to access those games in the future.

The firmware update will include the new external hard drive compatibility, new Game Share social features for both PS4 and PS5, a better mobile PlayStation app, and more personalization options for PlayStation 5.

Though this update won’t have expandable storage for playing PS5 games, Sony reassured that this update is coming. The company plans to utilize an M.2 slot built into the machine to allow internal expandable storage in the form of an SSD that will play PS5 games with no problem. There is no timetable for that update, however, so this will have to do for now.

How to get the PS5 firmware update

The update is available now, and should be pushed through automatically for PS5 users who have automatic updates enabled. If you don’t have automatic updates, the update process is still relatively simple.

With the PS5 system on, find the Settings menu in the top right and navigate to Settings>System Software>System Software Updates and Settings>Update System Software. After that, your console will download and install the update, unlocking these new features.

That’s everything you need to know about the new PS5 update. After today, users should be able to store massive amounts of games to be easily accessed on an external drive. Hopefully, we will soon see the update to allow more internal SSD storage in the consoles soon.

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