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The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in two sizes, an always-on OLED screen, and more

Right on time.

Samsung galaxy watch 3
Image: Samsung

Samsung just officially released its latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3. Well, it would be the Watch 2, but Samsung decided on some creative counting when naming this device to differentiate it from the Watch Active 2 that came out last year.

Design-wise it hasn’t changed much from the prior version, with a physical rotating bezel, two side buttons, and a chunky design. Samsung says it’s some percentage thinner and lighter than the prior model, but that seems like splitting hairs to me, it’s essentially the same device with upgraded internals.

There will be two sizes, 41mm and 45mm, with Bluetooth or LTE options in both sizes. You can get the 41mm in bronze or silver, or the 45mm in black or silver. Bad luck for people with small wrists that want the black version then, or larger wrists that want the bronze. Both also have full-color OLED always-on screens covered in Gorilla Glass. The housing is stainless steel, and Samsung says that a Titanium version should be coming later this year.

Samsung usually uses its own Tizen OS for software on wearables, and the new watches are no exception. They’re best with Samsung’s own phones, play fine with most other Androids, and sulk in a corner like a toddler if you try to use them with an iPhone. And yes, even after that they’re still generally better than Google’s own Wear OS.

The Watch 3 brings some new fitness tracking sensors, like a blood oxygen sensor that will be switched on later this year and in Korea, it’ll also monitor blood pressure and ECG. Samsung says it’s working with the FDA to turn those two features on in the US as well, with no real timeline for when that may happen.

If you want one, the Galaxy Watch 3 goes on sale from August 6, starting from $399.99.

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