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Finally, Android has an iPad Pro in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Finally a decent Samsung tablet.

galaxy s7 tablet
Image: Samsung

You might not care about Android tablets right now, but maybe that’s because they’re universally terrible. Well… up until now that is, as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus might actually give the mighty iPad Pro a run for its money.

Just like the iPad Pro, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus comes with a 120 Hz OLED screen, and an iPad-esque price tag of $849.99. No prizes for guessing who Samsung is going head-to-head with here… The $649.99 Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a 120 Hz LCD screen, but who cares about that one, everyone will be gushing over the OLED model.

Both have optional keyboard cases to turn them into some facsimile of a real laptop, since Samsung hasn’t made a real laptop for years now, and you get the S Pen stylus with each model, so you don’t actually have to pay extra for the stylus. Points to Samsung here.

The S7 has an 11-inch display, and the S7 Plus measures up at 12.4 inches. Both are using the 16:10 aspect ratio, so might be better for your Netflix splurging than actual work, but maybe the reviews will say otherwise. Oh, and the S7 Plus has an in-screen fingerprint reader, while the Tab S7 has its fingerprint reader hidden in the power button.

Both are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, have 6 or 8 GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage with a microSD slot for external expansion. One thing that the new Tab S7 range has that Apple’s tablets lack? A 5G option, with both mmWave and sub-6 connectivity.

They’ll be out at some point this fall if you actually want to spend lots of cash on a tablet that isn’t made by Apple.

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