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Images show Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE Plus in the real world

We can only see the front of the tablets, though.

A screenshot of an art and design project by ONLEAKS MEDIAPFAND.

Only days ago, Samsung accidentally revealed the existence of its upcoming FE series tablets — the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus. 

After that, most recently, a leak showed the Indian pricing of the vanilla Tab S9 FE to be unexpectedly high. And now, we finally have a real-life look at the upcoming Samsung Fan Edition tablets. 

New Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE Plus real-life images

News outlet Tabletmonkeys first reported the real-life images of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE Plus. According to the images and the accompanying report, Samsung’s upcoming Android tablets have made their way to the South Korean regulatory agency. The agency was not named, but we did get a few low-quality images of the devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE
Source: Tabletmonkeys

The images show the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE Plus next to rulers for measurement. However, the images reveal no other information except for the size of the bezels and the front camera placements. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus
Source: Tabletmonkeys

Early leaks suggested the Tab S9 FE would feature a 10.9-inch display, and the the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus would feature a slightly larger 12.4-inch display. We expect the tablets to feature Samsung’s Exynos 1380 chipset used on mid-range devices. 

However, the price leaks revealed the Indian pricing for the standard Tab S9 FE would be Rs 63,000 in India, which converts to around $761 in the US. That is not cheap considering the premium Galaxy Tab S9 starts at $799. However, Samsung products have a higher price in India due to tax issues, so we are still hopeful.

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