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Galaxy Tab S9 FE leak reveals an impressive new budget tablet 

Renowned tipster OnLeaks has once again stirred up excitement by revealing images of another new Samsung tablet – the Galaxy Tab S9 FE – via MediaPeanut.

A screenshot of an art and design project by ONLEAKS MEDIAPFAND.

As the date for Galaxy Unpacked approaches, the internet is awash with leaks about Samsung’s upcoming offerings. The latest whispers suggest that 2023 will see a significant expansion of the Korean tech giant’s Fan Edition lineup.

Earlier, we saw leaks hinting at a new Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus tablet bearing striking similarities to its sibling, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus.

Now, it seems our speculation about a vanilla variant of this device wasn’t far off. Fresh leaks have surfaced featuring renders of what appears to be a Galaxy Tab S9 FE.

Galaxy Tab S9 FE-A new budget tablet is coming 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Leaked Renders
Source: KnowTechie via OnLeaks

We previously discussed the potential arrival of a Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus based on recently leaked renders.

Now, renowned tipster OnLeaks has once again stirred up excitement by revealing images of another new Samsung tablet – the Galaxy Tab S9 FE – via MediaPeanut.

According to these fresh leaks, this budget-friendly edition is set to feature a 10.9-inch display – matching the size offered by its standard counterpart but smaller than the rumored 12.4-inch display of its Plus variant.

While rumors suggest that an OLED panel may grace this year’s standard Galaxy Tab S9 model, it remains uncertain whether this high-end feature will extend to its more affordable cousin.


Design-wise, leaked images reveal that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE aligns closely with other tablets in the Galaxy Tab S9 series, sporting similar boxy aesthetics and thin bezels around its display.

So, you get a similar boxy design with thin bezels all around the display. The tablet is also expected to feature a fingerprint sensor, which will be side-mounted, and a smart connector, likely to connect the keyboard accessory. 

The Tab S9 FE would reportedly have a dual-speaker system, and the image shows a single camera on the back of the tablet. Again, the Plus variant had a dual camera module. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything about the Galaxy Tab S9 FE hardware. 

A technician is installing a Nonleaks Tecmediapeanut device in a design studio.
Source: KnowTechie via OnLeaks

The tablet also seems poised to offer dual speakers and a single rear camera setup – differing from its Plus variant, which boasts dual cameras.

Additional features expected include a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and smart connector (likely for keyboard accessory attachment).

However, as much as these leaks reveal about design and some features, they leave us in suspense regarding hardware specifics for this upcoming addition to Samsung’s Fan Edition range.

Stay tuned as we continue tracking these exciting developments leading up to Samsung’s big event!

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