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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2 redesign appears in FCC listing 

It may even launch this year.

Samsung galaxy s23 with galaxy smarttags on a purpel background

Samsung launched its first Bluetooth tracker, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag, back in January 2021. It has already been two years, and we’ve been waiting to see its successor, the Galaxy Smart Tag 2. 

Previously we reported that the Galaxy Smart Tag 2 was spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website, confirming its existence. However, the listing didn’t disclose any information about what to expect from the sequel. 

Samsung’s upcoming tracker has now popped on an FCC listing, revealing a few key details, and it could launch soon. 

The redesigned Galaxy Smart Tag 2 

The Galaxy Smart Tag 2 recently popped up on the FCC website, revealing a slew of information about the upcoming AirTag competitor.

According to the listing, Samsung’s Bluetooth tracker will carry the Galaxy Smart Tag 2 name. More importantly, the listing shows a retail-ready version of the Bluetooth tracker with a complete redesign. 

The redesigned galaxy smart tag 2
Source: FCC

The image reveals Samsung has ditched the rounded square design of the original tracker. In its place, we have a new pill-shaped design with a cutout on top. We’re assuming it is to attach the tracker to keyrings, backpacks, and other objects.

Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t reveal the size of the tracker. We are guessing it’ll be quite small, but it is hard to tell accurately from the information we have received. 

The listing reveals a few additional details, however, like the support for ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This technology would allow the device to track more accurately with supported devices. However, there’s a big difference between Bluetooth tracking and UWB tracking. 

The original Galaxy Smart Tag didn’t support UWB; however, its Galaxy Smart Tag Plus variant did. But according to the FCC listing, Samsung plans to release a single Galaxy Smart Tag 2 model, which could mean we may get both kinds of tracking in a single tracker.

Hopefully, we will receive more information about the Galaxy Smart Tag 2 in the coming weeks, as a device appearing on the FCC’s listing indicates a release is close. We expect Samsung’s tracker to be released by the year’s end. However, it is also possible that Samsung is holding out because Google has delayed its more accurate Find My Device network unit 2024.

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