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You’ll soon be able to add your AirPods to the Find My network – but there’s a catch

I mean, who HASN’T lost at least one bud.

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Almost every AirPods owner has lost at least one of their buds at some point – even if you later found them. The chance you’ll permanently lose them is going to reduce this fall when iOS 15 launches, as you’ll be able to add your AirPods into Find My.

There’s only one catch. You’ll have to link your AirPods to your Apple ID. That snippet of information was noticed by 9to5Mac, who have been combing through the iOS 15 beta to see if they can find upcoming features. Once linked, lost AirPods can still transmit their location via Find My, even if they’re paired to another device by whoever finds them.

The only difference between AirPods and any other Apple device you can add to Find My is that you won’t be able to put an activation lock on your AirPods. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, since if someone steals them and uses them, the AirPods will continuously broadcast their location as long as they have battery life.

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It seems that if you want to gift or sell your AirPods in the future, you’ll be able to unlink them from your Apple ID, just like with any other Apple device. For AirPods Max, you hold the noise cancellation button and the digital crown for twelve seconds.

AirPods Pro require a more complicated method, by holding your fingers on the speaker holes, and pressing the stem buttons multiple times. That might only need to be done on one bud, or maybe it needs to be done on both to unlink them.

AirPods are also getting a feature called Conversation Boost, which uses the AirPod Pro’s beamforming mics and some algorithms to focus on the voice of the person in front of you while canceling out some of the ambient noise. That sounds pretty cool to me, as ambient noise often distracts me from conversation.

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