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The Pixel 6 has been rejecting incoming calls for some users

The phones never ring, but calls show up in the call log as “declined.”

google pixel 6 colors
Image: Google

Nowadays, our phones have all kinds of capabilities. We have instant access to the entirety of the internet, professional-level cameras, and some of the most advanced hardware ever. We have all of that technology, yet the Pixel 6 can’t even handle incoming calls.

At least, that’s what some Pixel 6 users are starting to notice. People have been posting about a strange new bug on Reddit and the Google Support forums over the last week.

Apparently, some Pixel 6 phones have been automatically rejecting incoming calls without any kind of notification for the user.

pixel 6 pro complaint about automatically ignoring calls
Screenshot: Reddit

As Reddit user merryjaina notes above, the bug happens with both known and unknown numbers. The Pixel 6 will automatically decline the call, but it will show up in the call log afterward with the “declined” notification attached.

So far, Google has yet to say anything about this issue and it’s unclear if there is a fix incoming. Users running into the issue speculate that it popped up in the recent April update for the Pixel 6, but that’s not confirmed. After all, the Pixel 6 has had its fair share of bugs over the last few months.

Hopefully, this is something that Google acknowledges and resolves soon. Even though it seems like most incoming calls these days are scams, it’s kind of screwed up if the Pixel 6, a cellular telephone can’t receive phone calls.

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