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This 140W charger is the world’s first 4-Port GaN PD 3.1 charger

When you have multiple devices that you need to keep juiced up at all times, the P1114 can make a huge difference.

Aerigiatech p114 charger next to gadgets
Image: Aergiatech

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One of the hardest things logistically about all of the electronic devices that we all carry around today is keeping our devices charged throughout the day. One way to alleviate that problem is with a multi-port GaN charging brick.

And boy do we have a powerful, multi-port wall charger to share with you today. The Aergiatech P1114 is a behemoth, with 140W of charging capacity and four different ports for multi-device charging. 

The P1114 is available on Kickstarter now and Aerigiatech is offering a 50% off Super Early Bird discount of $54 to the first 50 backers. Additionally, the company is offering a 40% discount for the next 200 backers, which will be $65. So let’s see what this wall charger is all about.

What can it do? 

This 140W charger is the world’s first 4-Port GaN PD 3.1 charger
Image: Aerigiatech

The main draw of the P1114 is obviously the fact that it has four different charging ports that you can take advantage of at one time. Everyone has more than one or two gadgets that they use regularly these days. 

And the P1114 eliminates the need for a bunch of different charging bricks to charge those devices at once. 

Say you’re pretty well integrated into the Apple economy. You probably have a MacBook that you use for work and an iPhone or iPad as a handheld device. Then, you’ve got your AirPods and Apple Watch that you use for convenience. 

That’s already a total of four different mobile devices that require a charging port. And with the P1114, you only need one charging break to plug in all of the different cords that you’ll use to charge those devices. 

How does it work? 

This 140W charger is the world’s first 4-Port GaN PD 3.1 charger
Image: Aerigiatech

And when it comes to using the P1114, it’s not a whole lot different than your average charging brick. Just plug it into a wall socket, pick a charging port, and you’re good to go.

Where the P1114 differs is just how much charging the device is capable of outputting at once. It features three different USB-C ports alongside a single USB-A outlet for smaller devices. 

But not every charging port is created equal. The port marked “C1” is the most powerful of all the included ports. It’s capable of outputting the entire 140W charging power.

It accomplishes this by using new PD3.1 technology. It supports 28V 5A output, and with a MagSafe 3 cable, it can reach the full 140W and charge an M1 16” MacBook Pro to full in right around an hour and a half.

The “C2” port is the second fastest, capable of drawing 100W. And “C3” is the last USB-C port on the device, with an output of up to 30W. 

That’s easily enough to sufficiently charge two different MacBooks at the same time. And “C3” is the last USB-C port on the device, with an output of up to 30W.

Aergiatech P1114
Image: Aergiatech

Of course, these maximum numbers won’t be reached when you plug in multiple devices to the P114 charging brick at the same time. But the device will automatically allocate a fraction of power to every port in use so you get the most out of charging multiple devices at once. 

So let’s go back to that Apple family example. You would use the “C1” port for your MacBook. Your iPhone or iPad will be charged with the “C2” port. And your Apple Watch can get juiced up by the final USB-C port while you charge your AirPods through the included USB-A port. 

That will give you solid charging capacity across all of your devices at one time. And with all ports in use, you’ll still get around 65W of power from the “C1” port which is still pretty impressive. 

Should you buy the P1114 from Aergiatech? 

Aergiatech P1114 kickstarter page
Image: Aergiatech

By now you realize that this isn’t your ordinary wall charging block. If all you need is a brick that you can plug a cable in to charge your phone, then you probably won’t want to spend the extra money on something like this. 

However, if you are constantly looking for another brick so you can charge your multiple electronic devices at once, then you might want to consider the P1114. It has tons of power and can charge just about anything that you want using a USB-C or USB-A cable. 

The P1114 is available on Kickstarter now. And if you act quickly, you could be one of the company’s first customers and get an early bird discount.

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