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This insanely thin case transforms your iPhone into Jet Black for just $20

If you’re not lucky enough to score a Jet Black iPhone, this $20 case may be your best solution.

Jet Black Totallee Case

If you’re not lucky enough to score a Jet Black iPhone, this $20 case may be your best solution.

The Jet Black iPhone is a popular model that has suffered from at least one drawback: The protective cases available for the phone take away from the overall appearance of the iPhone which is arguably a big reason why you purchased the Jet Black in the first place. The problem with most iPhone cases for the Jet Black option is that they cover up the cool black color or are too bulky which makes the iPhone harder to store and operate.

However, without a protective case, the iPhone becomes vulnerable to the bumps, scrapes, and impacts that occur daily. So, the question becomes how do you protect your new Jet Black iPhone while still showing off its impressive appearance?

jet black totallee case

The answer may come in the form of a new case from Totallee. They have created a new design especially for the Jet Black. It is clear, thin, and provides the protection the iPhone needs without covering up what makes the phone so special.

What is the Totallee Jet Black Case?

Totallee has already garnered considerable attention for their line of cases that are ultra-thin and provide good protection from small impacts and scrapes that are common with handling an iPhone. The cases are generally from 0.06” to 0.02” thick and they run for under $20. For the Jet Black, the case uses the identical jet black color as the iPhone itself so that it is virtually impossible to tell apart barring close inspection.


There are several advantages to the new Jet Black case for the iPhone, starting with the low price. For $19, you can save your iPhone from considerable damage depending on the impact all thanks to the extra layer of protection provided by the Totallee case.

Thin: Next to its appearance, the thin size of the case offers definite advantages in terms of using the iPhone. The case by Totallee allows access to all its features without interference and the grip is virtually the same.

Durable: Despite the thinness of the case, it is quite durable under normal use conditions. It provides the impact protection needed to keep the internal workings of your iPhone operating normally when bumped, scraped, or dropped.

Compliments the iPhone: Of course, the main reason to purchase this version is because it is perfectly designed for the Jet Black iPhone. Once attached, you almost can’t tell that it is even on the iPhone itself.

About the only disadvantage is related to the thinness of the case itself. It does not provide the protection of thicker versions, especially those with reinforced corners. This means for those who use their iPhones in areas where the chances of impacts or drops is high, such as construction sites for example, then this is not the case for you.

However, for most people the Jet Black case from Totallee will be perfect for their jet black iPhone. The case itself compliments the overall design and provides more than adequate protection when you consider the price. The thinness of the case allows for easy access and holding the iPhone as if there was no case around it.

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