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This clever DIY gadget can see everything from pipes to mice behind your walls

The Walabot DIY 2 uses 4D radio tech to identify things behind your walls.

walabot diy 2 stud finder being used by a man in a baseball cap to find pipes inside a wall
Image: Walabot

Walabot DIY is back with the second version of its smart stud finder, which makes DIY projects involving putting things on your walls a breeze. Created by Vayyar Imaging, it uses 4D imaging radar to show you what’s behind your drywall, so you know before you drill.

We looked at the first version way back in 2017 when it only supported Android devices. The new device supports iOS and Android and essentially gives you x-ray vision.

Most stud finders or wire finders use magnetic fields to detect studs or wires, but that’s imprecise and can still end up with your TV mount pulling out of the wall, or your drill going through a wire. With half of the serious home electrical shocks in the UK caused by DIY accidents, making the process safer seems like a worthwhile endeavor to me.

Once paired to your smartphone, Walabot DIY 2 helps you find the center of anything behind your walls, from studs, to pipes, wires, or even furred creatures. Yes, it can tell you if you have a mouse problem before you see them skittering across your floors.

It does this with a unique visual indicator, with a different indicator across your phone’s screen as you scan across the wall. Orange for wooden studs, purple for wires, and silver for pipes. It’ll even tell you if someone snaked a wire up next to a pipe or stud, so you know to avoid both.

The 4D radio tech can reach four inches into drywall, which should show anything inside the cavity between your walls.

It’s currently on sale at Walabot.com for $119.96, with a usual price of $149.95.

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