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This jet suit from Gravity Industries can be used to save lives

This is awesome.

jet suit paramedic in flight
Image: Gravity Industries

No, it’s not a scene from a James Bond movie, nor a real-life Iron Man, it’s a working paramedic jet suit, designed to save lives.

Paramedics that are part of the Great North Air Ambulance Service now have access to a fully operational jet suit, helping them get to people in distress faster.

Just a few days ago, Richard Browning, the inventor of the jet suit, performed a public test flight to demonstrate the capabilities of the small jet suit mounted on his back and arms. The test took place in England’s Lake District region. The jet suit will be part of the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS).

According to Andy Mawson, director at GNAAS, dozens of people get stranded in remote and rough terrains with poor roads or no roads at all. With the help of the jet suit, GNASS paramedics will be able to reach them sooner than other available means of transport. According to Mr. Mawson’s estimate, a person can cover the distance in just five minutes that was covered in an hour. He believes that such a speedy response can easily make the difference between living or dying.

The jet suit developed by Gravity Industries has a maximum speed of 31 mph and can technically reach a top altitude of 12,00 feet (even those heights would probably never be reached). Those performances are enabled by two jet engines strapped on each arm and one on the back. The operator can control the jet by moving the hands.

If the jet suit proves both safe and practical in other tests, then paramedics can swiftly bring medical assistance. Anyone stranded on the rough terrain in the Lake District can expect help nearly immediately. The paramedics will be able to carry a medical kit while jetting off to the people in need.

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