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This floating light bulb will out-class your other desk ornaments

It’s like magic, but it’s actually physics.

Floately floating light bulb
Image: Floately

Forget about your Newton’s Cradles and other desk ornaments, you need this floating light bulb from Floately. The $99 Volta (named after the physicist, got it?), uses magnetic fields to levitate and pirouette while decorating your desk like a boss.

No wires are needed to power this lamp either, except the one that goes from the base to the wall, can’t forget that one. Wireless induction bathes the light bulb in electricity, which then bathes you in soothing light. It’s like magic, only it’s actually physics.

You might be worried about having an unshielded light bulb on your desk, but it’s only rated at a max of 10W, so it won’t blind you. It’ll last for 50,000 hours too, so you’ll have years of enjoyment from this nifty lamp. The bulb is shatterproof too, so it’ll probably survive falling over a few times. It’s also LED tech, which means low power use and low heat output, while also being stronger than your usual light bulb filament.

Just turn on the base, and spend a few moments centering the bulb in the magnetic field. Oh, and you can turn the light on or off by tapping the button on the base, without affecting the levitation. Phew, no falling bulbs if you forget to grab it before turning off the lamp.


Image: Volta

If this sounds like the thing your desk is needing, head on over to Floately where you can pick one up for $99.

What do you think? Do you feel like you need one of these floating light bulbs for your desk? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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