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Why did my Nintendo Switch game case come with instructions for a gun?

I’m so confused.

modpacer nintendo switch carrying case for games
Image: Josh Knowles / KnowTechie

During this pandemic, I’ve found myself playing my Nintendo Switch a lot more. Because I am a stubborn person, I also still buy a lot of physical Switch games. I decided after an evening of rummaging through game cartridges that I was going to get a case to hold my games in. Seemed like a fairly straightforward idea, right?

Well, my wife recommended this blocky case to me called Ammo Kinergy and it seemed perfect. It holds 18 games and both wrist straps for the Joy-Con. It was perfect, but I didn’t know I would also get treated to a full-blown mystery.

A few days after I placed the Amazon order, the Ammo Kinergy showed up. I opened up the box, pulled out the case, and start putting games in. It wasn’t until I started shoving in my wrist straps that I noticed they didn’t seem to completely fit. They went all the way in but the nylon cord seemed to be too long to allow the case to close.

I was about to give up on the whole idea until I decided to check to see if there was some sort of instruction manual. Maybe I was the one missing something. Sure enough, I found two inserts in the box, one that had directions on how to store the wrist straps. Awesome! I followed the directions, tossed the straps in the case, and closed the whole thing up.

Feeling satisfied, I then noticed that there was something in the second insert I hadn’t noticed before.

Thus begins my descent into madness

modpacer nintendo switch carrying case for games

Image: Josh Knowles / KnowTechie

The second insert is almost twice the length of the instructions. At first, I figured it was a random “leave us a review for a gift card” or warranty info insert. I flipped it over and noticed there was a diagram of a rifle on it. Weird, but I guess the case is called the Ammo Kinergy. It must be from some sort of video game, so I read a bit more. I couldn’t get over how the “Krosier mid rife” looked like one-half space gun, one-half yoga mat. The description of the rifle states:

This NS game card case is a scale model of Ammo Kinergy. Ammo Kinergy is a weapon-energy device to store the energy of kinetic in the atmosphere of the planet Seara. The device can provide the energy to launch the bullet(as a projectile) without gunpowder.

At this point, I’m confused as hell. There are two other illustrations on the insert, so I read them. Surely one of them will provide some additional info into why this was included. The second image looks like the side of the game case. Part of the side panel is open and it kind of looks like a heat sink inside. I popped the panel off of my case just to be sure. There wasn’t anything there. A caption describes what I am looking at in the image:

Overheat protection system. When keep firing for a few minutes and the device reaches a high level of temperature, the overheat protection is automatically activated immediately and stops firing, then the side panels open for cooling.

Okay, that didn’t help at all. Now, I’m even more confused. Is the Ammo Kinergy case part of a larger replica? If so, why the hell am I storing game cards in part of a space gun? Is this some sort of peripheral for the Switch? I have so many questions. I also can’t help but notice that the gun itself fires the whole bullet. That means it works like the gun The Boss uses in Metal Gear Solid 3. I think my brain is grasping at straws to keep me from losing sanity.

At this point, I hear the garbage truck coming up the road and realized I hadn’t taken the trash out. I throw my mask on, wheel the garbage out, and wave at our garbage man. He waves back and as I walk back into my home, he yells to me, “Be careful!” I know he was speaking to me because he made direct eye contact when I turned around. Was he warning me of the dangers of the pandemic? Was he concerned my confusion was about to uncover secrets that the public wasn’t ready for? I yelled back at him “Who sent you!?” and he replied, “Uh, the county?” This goes deeper than I realized, even my local county could be involved here.

There’s one more image with a caption on the insert. It shows a picture of the Ammo Kinergy being inserted into the gun. Nothing overly special, it’s just a cutaway from the image above (or below). The description is much shorter though:

Install the device on the rife gun. The device can launch about 1000 bullets on one charge.

Oh, OK? Well, I certainly can’t leave it like this

modpacer instructions

Image: Josh Knowles / KnowTechie

It’s time for me to figure out what is going on here and why. The first thing I did was Google “krosier mid rife”. Google suggested that I must have meant “Kroger mid ride” but maybe a potential stroke kept me from typing it correctly. It also brought up a middle school in California and some information about General Crozier and the US rifle M1917 “Enfield.” Nope, not it either.

My next Google search is for Seara, the planet that this gun is supposed to use the kinetic energy of – or something. From my searches, I learned that Seara is a Brazilian food processing company. I decided to try “Planet Seara” and I find one hit that matched my inquiry. There was an image by an artist named “bob4artist” of a planet’s landscape. I’d include it here but there were notes about copyrights and I don’t want to accidentally use this person’s work without approval. I searched the artist’s name along with other related keywords and found nothing of note.

I run one last Google search. This time I searched for Modpacer, the company that makes the Ammo Kinergy. All I find is some product links and a Facebook page for the company.

I messaged them about the Ammo Kinergy, Planet Seara, and the Krosier mid rife. They didn’t respond because it is apparent they haven’t used their Facebook page in over a year. Digging a bit further, I did find a Reddit post that discussed the case as well. It appears that Modpacer created this singular item and crafted some lore to go along with the design of the product. Weird flex, but OK. Also, it seems I’m not the only one that was baffled by the inserts in the packaging.

So, how’s the case? Honestly, it’s rad. It’s cool enough that I don’t need to tuck it away and the Nintendo Switch game cards pop in or out without any issue. If you aren’t looking for something portable and want easy access to a library of Switch titles, the Ammo Kinergy may actually be your cup of tea. The fact it actually stores the wrist straps is a major plus because God knows where they might end up in my house after a week of not storing them somewhere specific.

What do you think? Have you ever found anything unusual in one of your gadgets? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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