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The best horror games to scare yourself stupid

Because who DOESN’T like to be terrified while enjoying a relaxing evening on the couch?

best horror games
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You have to admit, there is something rather masochistic about the horror genre. Be it games, movies, or books, we all know we’re going to be shitting ourselves when we indulge in horror. But, there is just something about horror games that set them apart. It is more than likely the immersion involved in playing a game – placing yourself in that world – that creates the extra tension. This tension primes you to be scared stupid by horror games.

So, with that in mind, what are the best horror games you can get right now? We’ve rounded up a list of spine-tingling titles to get the adrenalin pumping and the sphincters twitching. Here’s what we found. Godspeed, brave soul.

Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Supermassive Games join forces with Bandai Namco for this trouser-browning series. Dark Pictures is an anthology. Up to now, there is only one episode available and that’s Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. If you liked the Until Dawn titles, then you’re going to love this. It follows a similar interactive theme, where your decisions make all the difference to how the story pans out. Just don’t make the wrong decision…

The game involves plenty of jump scares and creepy characters. You’d expect that from a Supermassive Games title, though. Right? The first installment is available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you grab Man of Medan now, then you’ll have it played through in time for the next title in the series, Little Hope.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

No horror game list would be complete without Resident Evil rearing its zombified corpse somewhere down the line. Capcom re-released the third installment of its fantastic horror series back in April, complete with souped-up graphics. The more realistic a horror game looks, the more it will absorb you into its terrifying world. Therefore, it is great that Capcom has listened to their fanbase and started polishing their older titles.

Almost everyone who games has played a Resident Evil title along the way. Also, you can grab Resident Evil and Resident Evil II, now, and they’ve all been given a bit of TLC to bring them up to the expectations of modern gamers. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up those red and green herbs and get surviving! You can buy physical and digital copies of the remakes for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox now.

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Little Nightmares

Jump scares abound in the Little Nightmares titles from Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco. In spite of its cartoony appearance, the Little Nightmares franchise will have you diving behind the sofa every few seconds. The first installment of the game (which saw release back in April 2017) introduces us to Six, on her mission to escape the jaws of the Maw. Playing as a child in a nightmare world means you have limited powers while the scares come in thick and fast.

OK, so it might not be the newest of games, but there is no doubt as to its popularity. Also, there is no doubt as to its outright scariness! If you like the kind of survival horror that makes you feel completely helpless, then Little Nightmares will be your cup of tea. You can catch up with the series on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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Moons of Madness

Does everyone remember the Dead Space franchise? I thought that was a pretty fucking scary series of games. So, imagine my delight/terror when I discovered Moons of Madness from Rock Pocket Games. The game is a first-person horror game set in space. However, it plays a lot with Lovecraftian themes, making it an even creepier experience. If you like the lore involved in Lovecraft’s tales, then Moons of Madness should grab you in its Cthulu-like tentacles and whip you right in.

You play as Shane Newehart who, we learn, is an engineer on a Mars space station. As the story opens, you stir from your slumber into a realm more nightmarish than that from which you have awoken. Cue Ancient Ones attempting to kill your sorry ass, mysterious antagonists who hold a personal grudge, and limited air supply. Claustrophobic? Definitely. Available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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Silent Hill HD Collection

Sorry, but this had to be included here. Silent Hill HD Collection comprises both Silent Hill II and Silent Hill III, the latter being one of the most terrifying games I have personally ever played. The games borrow a lot from the tropes of Asian horror cinema. Think Ju-On jacked up on steroids and you’re somewhere close. To be honest, it was a tough call whether to include this or Silent Hill IV: The Room, but as this collection features two games we’ve been scared by, it made the list instead.

Cultish goings-on, murdered spouses, and truly terrifying atmospherics all add to the pant-shitting experience that is playing the Silent Hill games. Many a time I’ve had to just turn it off and play a nice, relaxing game for twenty minutes. Simply put, this is a great combo of games and should be in everyone’s collection. PS4 owners should count themselves lucky as it is available on PlayStation Now…now.

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Blair Witch

Pretty much everyone has seen the Blair Witch movies and, you have to admit, they are fairly chilling horror movies. So, it goes without saying that the game is going to be a frightening experience. Well, it is, and you can get it now across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Developed by Bloober Team and published by Lionsgate Games, Blair Witch is, as you might expect, a survival horror game set within the confines of the BW world.

You play as Ellis Lynch, a former cop, who is busy searching around the familiar setting of Black Hills Forest. Your quest takes you on the hunt for a missing child and, along the way, you’ll see plenty of iconic imagery from the films such as the cursed wooden dolls, shadowy figures, and abandoned shacks. The puzzle element adds to the tension; expect to be scared as you sleuth!

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World of Horror

World of Horror is a rogue-lite game developed by panstasz and published by Ysbryd Games. Billed as a “1-bit love letter to Junji Ito and Lovecraft”, you are tasked with searching a Japanese suburb filled with strange characters and almost unrecognizable human forms. So, do you think you have what it takes to survive the scares and solves the mysteries in the game? Well, you better get your thinking cap on then because the creepy atmosphere the game creates will almost certainly distract you from the task at hand.

The game has been drawn entirely in MS-Paint, which gives it a certain charm and adds to the retro feel. Play starts with character selection, before sending you off on a trip around the Japanese town to solve puzzles. You’ll need to uncover the mechanics that lie underneath the initial puzzle if you want to survive this ghastly ghost story.

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The best horror game you can play right now

That’s a toughie. All of the games on this list have been selected for completely different reasons. However, given that you all know I love my retro games, I’m going to pick the Silent Hill HD Collection as my favorite from this list.

If you plan on playing any of the games mentioned above, then I suggest you grab a couple of the most relaxing games you can chill to right now, just to offer you a bit of brain bleach should you need it.

What do you think? What are some of your favorite horror games? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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