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This tool lets you block bad tweets, the author, and everyone who liked it all at once

Just nuke it all in a couple of clicks.

megablock from the gen z mafia

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Bad takes and bad actors are all over social media, especially on Twitter, where deliberately dropping bombs to chase clout and engagement is some people’s reason for being.

While you can easily block the original tweeter, what about every person who ‘liked’ that tweet? Surely if they agree with the bad take, they deserve the same fate? Well, now with MegaBlock, you can block everyone involved in one fell swoop.

The idea for the tool started when Gen Z Mafia noticed a tweet from Michael Solana, VP of the Founders Fund. He wanted the tool to go further, by making loud noises and vibrating your phone once done, but I guess a web app that does 90-percent of his idea is good enough, right?

Especially when it takes all the hard work out of blocking bad actors on Twitter. I mean, yes, you could click on the ‘likes’ list, then on every single profile, then block them, but that takes fucking forever for tweets with even minimal engagement, let alone those with thousands on thousands of likes.

Not to mention that you have to subject your eyes to their profile feed, which probably entirely consists of bad takes.

It’s simple to use too, sign in via the Twitter API, paste the tweet’s URL, then confirm that you want to nuke that poster, and everyone who liked their steaming pile of excrement. That’s it, the web app does all the hard work for you, so you can fill up your blocklist with ease, while cleaning your feed from the potential of even worse takes.

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