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Twitter will finally let Android and iOS users view and upload images in 4K

The feature was already available on desktop.

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Image: KnowTechie

If you spend the majority of your Twitter time browsing on your phone, did you know you aren’t getting the full experience when it comes to images? That’s because mobile users can’t upload or view photos in 4K.

Now, that is changing, as part of Twitter’s efforts to improve the photo experience on the platform. Announced this week, iOS and Android users will be able to upload 4K images and view them, as well. This feature was already available on desktop.

To take advantage of this new feature, users will need to go into their settings and then to the Data Usage section. From there, users will just need to toggle the feature on. You can choose between viewing and uploading 4K images on both cellular and WiFi, or only on WiFi.

Overall, this is a small update, but still, if you use Twitter for following artists and photographers, getting to view their work in 4K will be great. Similarly, if you are an artist and use Twitter for sharing your work, this makes sharing those crisp images easier than ever.

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