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This website will tell you if a show is worthy of your precious time or not

Ok, this is ridiculously helpful.

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It’s been over ten years and I’m still not over how bad Battlestar Galactica ended. It’s was so bad, in fact, that I have a hard time even recommending the show to fellow sci-fi lovers. More recently, Game of Thrones somehow managed to disappoint the entire world.

Watching a long series can be a huge commitment, but it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through search results to see if a show is worth it without seeing a plethora of spoilers.

Now, a new web app, called TV Chart, looks to make your decision process a bit easier, thanks to an easy-to-read graph that gives you the ratings of every episode of a show as found on IMDb. Simply start typing any show and it will give you a selection of shows that match your query. Hit “Search” and you’re on your way.

tv chart showing the good place

Image: TV Chart

The web app is completely free and gives you a great way to gauge the quality of the show. Now, you don’t have to navigate the minefield that is Reddit and Google just to see if a show is worth your time. And also, never forget, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss ruined Game of Thrones.

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