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Apple is looking to increase its streaming library for TV+ by buying older TV shows and movies

This makes sense, considering it only has about 30 original shows and movies right now.

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Apple TV+ has been available for a little over six months now and honestly, it hasn’t had the greatest reception. Its small number of shows (approximately 30) is definitely a turnoff for people, especially with many of us accustomed to having seemingly unlimited content to watch on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Now, Apple is looking to bolster its content library by buying up older TV shows and movies, according to a report from Bloomberg. There’s been no word on exactly what the company is looking to license, but the report does note that Apple wants to keep the focus on original programming.

This is definitely a deviation from the company’s original plans, with even Tim Cook noting that “It doesn’t feel right for Apple to just go out and take a rerun.”

Until now, Apple has preferred working with other companies (like HBO and Showtime) by offering them a portal on Apple TV.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple TV+ has about 10 million users (including ones that have a year free of the service after buying a new Apple product), but approximately half of those members have actually actively used the service.

To put that into comparison to other streaming networks, Netflix has over 182 million subscribers, and newcomer Disney+ is sitting on 50 million+ paying subscribers.

Will this be enough to draw people into Apple TV+? Time will tell, with much of it depending on what shows Apple is actively looking at licensing.

What do you think? Do you use Apple TV+? Would you use it more if the streaming service had more shows and movies available? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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