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Tim Cook thinks ‘Friends’ reruns on Apple TV would be lame

AKA The Episode Where He’s Just Not That Into You.

apple ceo tim cook on stage

Here’s something that won’t sit well with the hordes of Ross & Rachel fans. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, wants you to know that he won’t be pivoting to reruns of Friends on Apple TV Plus anytime soon (or ever).

See, Cook wants Apple TV Plus to remain filled with original content, not reruns or rehashes of previous shows. To be fair, that’s a bold statement from someone whose company rehashes their same device designs year-on-year.

When asked about Friends on Wednesday during Apple’s yearly shareholder meeting, Cook’s response was classic: “It doesn’t feel right for Apple to just go out and take a rerun.” I’ll be watching the next MacBook reveal closely to see if he meant it.

Instead, HBO Max will be rerunning Friends for the foreseeable future (see, it was just a break) when the zany antics of the apartment sharers move to their new home in May. There’ll even be an hour-long reunion episode with all six original cast members, possibly proving that original content can sit side by side with reruns.

Then again, Cook’s viewpoint on Apple TV Plus has already garnered an Oscar-nominated show in The Morning Show, which featured ex-Friends star and hairstyle-trendsetter, Jennifer Aniston. So yea, Apple TV Plus is doing just fine.

What do you think about Tim Cook’s response to this? Have any thoughts? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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