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TikTok adds automatic screentime limits for users under 18

The platform looks to clamp down amidst continued scrutiny.

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Image: KnowTechie

TikTok’s latest update is beefing up parental controls and adding screentime limits for users under 18 by default.

The company revealed the latest update in a press release on its website. The main goal is to help manage younger users’ time on the platform.

The primary change that the platform is adding with this update is screentime limits. TikTok will enable these limits by default for any users on the platform under 18 years old.

tiktok daily screen time limits
Image: TikTok

By default, the app limits teenage users to 60 minutes of screen time daily.

They will be able to bypass this limit, but it will require an “active decision to extend that time” by entering a passcode after reaching the limit.

That said, users will be able to opt out of the limit entirely. However, TikTok will prompt any users who opt out to set their own screen limits after they’ve been on the app for more than 100 minutes in a single day.

tiktok screen time management screen
Image: TikTok

This update also improves TikTok’s existing parental controls. Using the Family Pairing feature, parents can set their own custom screen time limits and mute notifications for their children.

Additionally, there’s a new screen time dashboard in the Family Pairing feature that gives real-time information for connected accounts.

These changes come as TikTok faces continued scrutiny from lawmakers. The company’s CEO is set to testify in Congress over the app’s security on March 23.

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