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TikTok is introducing a new tool to deal with online bullying

While good in theory, some people have issues with the new tool.

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TikTok is introducing a new tool that gives creators the ability to deal with online bullying more efficiently. This new feature will allow TikTok creators to block users and bulk delete comments instead of moderating comment by comment.

Furthermore, Tiktok creators can opt to leave delete the comments but report them for violating TikTok’s community guidelines. 

According to a blog post published by the company, the aim is to empower TikTok creators to deal with online abuse and provide a better user experience on their platform. They also said that they understand how discouraging it is to receive “unkind comments” on videos.

tiktok bulk delete comments
Image: KnowTechie

This new tool comes as an addition to the previously introduced “filter all comments” feature that gives the creators the ability to choose which comment will be visible under their content. The company also has safeguards designed for those of age 13 to age 17 that include Duet restrictions, DMs, Stitch, and comments.

Considering their modest blog post, the new tool is part of a broader effort to battle bullying. In line with that is the new bullying prevention guide they introduced earlier this month. The goal with the new guide and the other mentioned features and tools is to educate and help both teens and families protect themselves from online abuse. 

However, this new feature is already raising some eyebrows. It allows some content creators to present a fake appearance that their content is well-received, and it allows bulk deletes of criticisms that may be valid. 

TikTok says that this new feature will be first released in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea. Then, it will roll out in the United States and other markets globally in the upcoming weeks.

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