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TikTok is testing a tool that lets you stream directly from your PC

The tool is currently in testing and limited to ‘a few thousand users.’

tiktok on iphone 11
Image: KnowTechie

TikTok’s new tool, Live Studio, lets you upload your video game playing to TikTok’s platform. Currently, the tool is in the testing phases, and only available “in a handful of Western markets for a few thousand users,” according to a statement TikTok gave to TechCrunch.

The app only runs on the Windows operating system and enables the creator to stream straight to TikTok. It features a chat for interacting with your viewers; and can stream games played on a phone, your computer, or a game console.

If that sounds suspiciously like the popular OBS Studio app, give yourself a cookie. The TikTok Live Studio app appears to be a direct fork of OBSProject, with the setup files still referencing OBSProject in various places.

Currently, TikTok’s Live Studio doesn’t appear to be living up to the GNU General Public License v2.0 that OBS requires when its code is reused.

If so, that puts TikTok at risk of a lawsuit. Recently, a similar situation arose with TRUTH, the newest social media site associated with Donald Trump.

It had to acknowledge that they were reskinning another popular open-source software, Mastadon.

TikTok Live Studio is still in the testing phases; with no guarantee that your account can use the tool after you install it. That’s fine, this is a test after all, and TikTok is looking for data on how the tool is used.

If testing goes well, TikTok will have to fix its licensing issues before a wider roll-out.

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