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Topps has teamed up with MLB to launch baseball trading card NFTs

It was really just a matter of time.

topps mlb nfts
Image: Topps

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In a move that probably won’t surprise anyone, Major League Baseball has decided to dive into the world of NFTs. Teaming up with one of the biggest trading card companies in the world, Topps, the MLB has decided to offer digital versions of classic baseball trading cards in the form of NFTs to collectors.

This move comes as no real surprise, considering NFTs are incredibly popular at the moment. Another major American sports league, the NBA, has already begun to cash in on NFTs with NBA Top Shot, a platform where users can buy and trade digital highlight videos, called Moments, with users all over the world.

NBA Top Shot has been incredibly successful, raking in over half a billion dollars from sales in just a few months, and the MLB is looking to get a piece of the pie.

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MLB’s dive into NFTs will utilize the WAX blockchain, and the cards will ultimately resemble collectible trading cards of the past, with some new, digital tweaks. The cards will release with different rarities and different levels of exclusivity.

For instance, one card may be considered rare, and it could be one out of 200, whereas more common cards may not have a limit to production. Additionally, some of the more rare and sought-after cards will have some extra flourish, like holographic images or animated backgrounds. These cards will be more unique and desirable, and will also be available on a very limited basis.

The new MLB trading cards are coming soon

topps nfts
Image: Topps

Topps has announced that the initial “Series A” packs will become available on April 20. This will be a huge drop event, offering around 75,000 packs to users looking to get in on the action. Included will be 50,000 standard packs that cost $5 and contain six digital cards, as well as 24,000 premium packs that contain 45 cards for $100.

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It is an exciting time for sports collectors, and the MLB is finally getting in on the action. Though NFTs have seen a bit of a downfall over the last few weeks, it seems like the sports collectibles market is the perfect fit for NFT technology, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more leagues get involved.

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