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Trump wants to tweet so bad that he’s gone to a federal judge to complain

As if the courts have nothing better to do than get Donald Trump back on Twitter.

donald trump website shut down
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Donald Trump’s Twitter fingers are getting antsy. The former president wants to tweet so badly that he’s gone to a federal judge to complain and try and get his Twitter profile reinstated.

Late last week, Trump filed a preliminary injunction with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. In the injunction, Trump asks the court to command Twitter to temporarily reinstate his Twitter account while he fights the company to be reinstated permanently.

According to the court filings reported by The Verge, Trump says that he will “suffer irreparable harm” if an injunction is not granted. The former president believes he will win his ongoing case against Twitter, claiming that his ban goes against the first amendment.

It still surprises me that the former president of the United States doesn’t understand that the first amendment doesn’t apply to businesses, something that can easily be discovered with a quick Google search.

Despite Trump believing that he is actually going to be reinstated on the platform, Twitter certainly has other ideas. In an interview on CNBC last week, Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal told reporters that the platform’s permanent bans are, in fact, permanent and the former president’s ban is no different. Segal said that even if Trump ran for office again, his Twitter profile will remain permanently banned.

That’s tough news for the former president. But rest assured, even without a shadow of hope in his corner, Donald Trump will fight his Twitter ban, spending millions of dollars and wasting dozens of hours in the Florida legal system if for no other reason than to keep his name in the headlines.

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