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Twitter and Tweetdeck are suffering serious outages right now

Can someone take the plug out and plug it back in?

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UPDATE: Twitter seems to be back up and running, but Tweetdeck seems to be down for most people. According to Outage.Report, the issue seems to be widespread.

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Image: Outage.Report

UPDATE 10:27 AM EST: Tweetdeck is still on the fritz. However, there’s a quick fix, as one Twitter user recently pointed out:

I’ve been having issues with Tweetdeck all morning and after removing the “scheduled posts” column, that seemed to do the trick. Everything seems to be working fine now. Try it and it should help you too. This is the best solution we can think of until Twitter issues a fix. Original reporting below….

If you’re like most people trying to access Twitter and Tweetdeck, chances are you’re having issues. Both services are currently suffering an outage. Twitter addressed it earlier this morning saying folks may have trouble getting notifications, viewing DMs, tweets, images, polls – the whole nine yards. While users on Tweetdeck are completely locked out of the app.

Twitter says they’re working on a fix and everything should be up and running soon. Personally, Twitter seems to be working fine on my end. However, Tweetdeck is completely down for me. I can’t see any new tweets, and it keeps logging me out. It seems like I’m not the only one:

The weird part here is that Twitter’s status page says everything is fine and operational. While that may be the case for Twitter, it certainly isn’t for Tweetdeck. At around 7 AM, Twitter’s Support account tweeted the issue should be resolved by now:

But again, Tweetdeck seems to be the issue here, as one Twitter user promptly replied to Twitter Support:

All we can say here now is to sit tight and wait for this all to blow over. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

You seeing what we’re seeing? Having issues with Twitter? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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